Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Out Of The Woods And Trees / Sky Larkin / Mother Vulpine

Everytime we get a new compilation ready i always like to have a listen over the previous ones that we've put out (by the way DTTR 4x12" Volume 2 is done and will be announced very soon). I spent last night listening to the last CD comp we put out 'Out Of The Woods And Trees' i've always held this one pretty close to the heart. Call me a massive geek but i absolutely loved being involved in putting that one together and spending bloody ages sequencing it so it sounded seamless even though all 20 tracks came in at over the maximum length for a cd so myself and Andy, the chap who mastered the comp, had to make some interesting changes. Namely turning the Vessels and Held By Hands tunes into a continuous flow of music. Anyway this is getting off the point.

When i go down the list of names on the comp it does make me feel rather proud. Bobby Cook is currently in the middle of recording his debut album with his new (same) band Goldhawks, Prego are starting to make a real name for themselves, Mother Vulpine unfortunately split but into 2 rather well known and awesome bands 'Pulled Apart By Horses' and 'Dinosaur Pile-Up', Sky Larkin have gone onto wonderful things and it's always a joy to catch up for a rare shandy with them, The Chapman Family have gone onto play the NME Radar tour and Vessels have continued to show why they're one of Leeds' best bands.

So we're gonna give away a couple of tracks from the compilation for you guys to have a listen to. Also iTunes are now selling the full compilation for only £2.49 (yes thats cheap) and if you're a pacient soul then you can buy the CD direct from us for £2 (yes that's even cheaper)

Purchase From iTunes for £2.49

Purchase From the lovely folks at Dance To The Radio £2 (plus the postman fee)

Download Sky Larkin - Keepsakes (Napoleon IIIrd Remix)
Download Mother Vulpine - The Hammer That Cracked The Bell
Watch out for other little treats from old DTTR compilations.

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