Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Our good friend Whiskas has just put this up on his blog. I wanted to share it with you all.

The first time I saw SOMETREE was about 8 years ago, supporting The Appleseed Cast at The Josephs Well - in the heady days when Bright Eyes, Cave In and the like were regular visitors. The gig stuck with me for a long time - it was one of those gigs where a seed was sewn, and over the following years I invested greatly in the bands back catalogue.

Sometree are a German 4 piece, and have not played over here too often. Sonically, they share a lot with The Appleseed Cast, with some wistful vocals and destructive guitar salvos. Here are some choice cuts from their career:

In recent times we've become friends, culminating in Dance To The Radio releasing the lead single from their last album 'Bending The Willow' and the band supporting Forward Russia on tour in the UK 2008.

At the end of the month, they're previewing their new album (their 5th) at an intimate show at a Berlin theatre - I'm absolutely delighted to have been invited by the band to go over, and more than a bit dissapointed that I'm unable to go. Having just supported Snow Patrol on a number of days, the prospective scope of the new material is obvious, and it's now been of a few years gestation. I'm very excited to hear it, whenever I manage to eventually do so"

Thanks Whiskas!

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