Friday, 19 February 2010


So Dance To The Radio launched a radio show this month on Leeds Student Radio. The show has so far included exclusive interviews with Esben and the Witch, Honour Before Glory (Whiskas / ¡Forward, Russia!), Drink Up Buttercup, The Sunshine Underground & The Tony Castles

Please feel free to download the previous 2 episodes of the show and listen in to all future episodes which go out live from 21:00 - 22:00 GMT on Leeds Student Radio. If you miss a show worry not you'll be able to catch up on here.

EPISODE ONE (Originally Broadcast 4th February 2010)

New Band Of The Week - Drink Up Buttercup

Interview - Honour Before Glory

1. Chickenhawk – I Hate This, Do You Like It?
2. The Sunshine Underground – We’ve Always Been Your Friends
3. Oberhofer – Away FRM U
4. Bear In Heaven – Ultimate Satisfaction
5. Honour Before Glory – Lions
6. Three Trapped Tigers – 11
7. Drink Up Buttercup – Even Think
8. Yeasayer – Ambling Amp (from Crash Records 'Album Of The Week' Odd Blood)
9. Esben and the Witch – Skeleton Swoon


EPISODE TWO (Originally Broadcast 11th February 2010)

New Band Of The Week - The Tony Castles

Interview - Esben And The Witch

1. Keepaway - Yellow Wings
2. Wild Beasts - We Still Got The Taste Dancin' On Our Tongues
3. Paul Thomas Saunders - Getting Loose With The Obtuse
4. The Tony Castles - Adiquate Sheen
5. The Middle East - Blood
Esben and the Witch Interview pt 1
6. Esben and the Witch - Lucia, At The Precipice
Esben and the Witch Interview pt 2
7. These Monsters - Call Me Dragon
8. Sky Larkin - Smarts
9. Sam Airey - Row Upon Row
10. Snowden - Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania Remix)



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